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Episode 13 – Jeremy Courtney

This conversation with Jeremy about his book Love Anyway is a snapshot of the lessons learned by choosing to love first and ask questions later, specifically over the last 20 years in Turkey, Iraq and Syria. Jeremy’s journey has been absolutely amazing to...

Episode 12 – Stephanie Lobdell

This conversation with Stephanie about her book Signs of Life embraces all of the little deaths and doubts while looking for all of the real resurrection in it. Keep up with Stephanie at Join our book club at

Episode 11 – Glenn Packiam

This conversation with Glenn about his book Blessed, Broken, Given is a wonderful meandering through the three things that Jesus does with the bread–blesses, breaks, and gives it and how these three movements play out in our own lives. Keep up with Glenn at...

Episode 10 – Justin McRoberts

This conversation with Justin about his books Prayer and May It Be So is a patient look at prayer and being with God. We talk about evil and parables/meditations and being with God in the uncomfortable realities. I hope this episode moves you. Join the book club at...