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you’ll receive encouragement
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When you join, you’ll receive encouragement throughout the month, book giveaway opportunities and (possibly) access to a recorded conversation with the author.
Kurt’s Book Club is a community of passionate readers seeking stories that will help them live in the way of Jesus and inspire their lives long after reading them.
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Be a lifelong learner.

Discover books for your mind and heart, and to challenge you as you grow in God.

Books have changed my life for the better because I get to spend time with mentors and advocates and experts and philosophers and theologians and the list goes on and on.

From personal anecdotes to timeless wisdom, the books I share in this club have all impacted my life in measurable ways and will hopefully expand your perspective. Plus, enjoy book giveaways, ongoing encouragement, and additional content from some of the authors themselves.

New book coming in January 2019.

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Late to the party?
This month we are reading Kill The Spider by Carlos Whitaker.

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