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Kurt's book club

We are a community of passionate readers seeking stories that help us live in the way of Jesus and inspire our lives long after reading them.



it’s online, so what do we do?

Read & Discuss

Unlike local book clubs, this one is entirely online. On the first of the month, a new book is recommended along with a guide and a schedule.

Discussions take place primarily in our app (coming in 2024), where we share inspirations, spiritual gut-checks, and turning points as God works in our lives.

There is no pressure to read any book, so feel free to join and read the books that you are excited about and glean from the discussions if you don’t have time to read along one month.

discussions are optional

Obviously, feel free to lurk, but you’re going to get out of this what you put into it. No judgement in the discussions. No fixing each other. Just sharing and encouraging one another in Christ.

can i skip a month?

Of course! (Some members haven’t even read a book yet, ha!) Read at your own pace. Share when you can. But in order to get questions or comments into an interview with an author, it will need to be during the month that the book is featured.


The reason we do this in a group is because it isn’t as important to find the map or finish the quest as it is to have traveling companions along the way. We hope you’ll come along with us.

sound like a club for you?

Join the club for free with just your name and your email and enjoy a featured book recommendation each month! (Also, sometimes we give away books for free!)

we made this for you

Do you love reading & Jesus?


Discover books for your mind and heart, and to challenge you as you grow in God. Books have changed our lives for the better because we get to spend time with others on the way.

Encouraged & inspired

From personal anecdotes to timeless wisdom, the books we share in this club have all impacted our lives in measurable ways and the books as well as the discussions will hopefully expand your perspective.

listen & reflect

If the author is up for it, we put together a list of questions and inspirational encouragement to send back their way and record an interview at the end of the month for all of us to enjoy.

past books

Some books we’ve read together:

Listen in on conversations with Christian authors sharing about their books and how we can grow together.

who is kurt libby?

Book Nerd, Truth Teller & Jesus Lover

Kurt Libby is a pastor in a tent making season. For ten years he served at the Oroville Nazarene Church before pursuing ministry opportunities beyond the local church.

He loves Jesus and people and fully believes that the Kingdom of Heaven is among us.

“We are the citizens of heaven, carrying hope and light and love and life to every corner of this planet.” –Kurt Libby